MY first, long over due, Blog Post: Snow Bowl 11-24-17

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MY first, long over due, Blog Post: Snow Bowl 11-24-17

Like most weekends I was gearing up for another adventure which generally starts with an invite from a friend followed by a frenzy that leaves the living room floor  resembling something like an REI garage sale.


The plan was meet up with my trusty hiking partner "moonshine" and hike into Snow Bowl part of the MTTA (Mount Tahoma Trails Association) ski hut system. 

 Photo Provided By: Tamara Mixson

Photo Provided By: Tamara Mixson

Meeting up just in time for another friends birthday! As with most adventures we took our time enjoying what nature had to offer along the way. all the while worrying that there wasn't much snow. Unfortunately there wasn't much snow!


We opted to leave the snowshoes behind as there was no real snow at the trail head and it was a light rain odd for this time of year. 


We ended up missing sunset but got some peeks on the way up and knew we had all weekend. The next morning I was awakened by a beautiful sunrise and the most important thing coffee! And checked out the nice yoga hut.


Ended up packing up and seeing our friends off as they were only staying one night we however wanted more and proceeded to check out High Hut. Moonshine and I arrived about lunch time which was a perfect place to get out the wind and enjoy some smoked cheese and whiskey that a wonderful friend had gifted. Just so happens we had cell service and were able to book the night as lack of snow caused some cancellations.

 Enjoying some  Paleo Meals To Go

Enjoying some Paleo Meals To Go


It was one of those trail luck things where what ever is meant to be will be. which probably explains why we ended up meeting a group from Vancouver, WA who knew our friend "Mighty Mouse" from the 2016 PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) hike.

Small world and ended up having a great time sharing stories about past adventures. Unfortunately we only had the weekend so that's all for that adventure   


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